melting in your eyes I & II

melting in your eyes II

Being part of sublime nature and
unwilding the gaze and sensation
Sitting, standing, hiking I felt so connected in a natural way.

I felt the mountain in me
I felt Mother Earth weeping*
I became one heartbeat with the woolen friends.
I got lost - and found in the force of giving myself into the now
framing it intuitively and being thankful for the experience feeling more alive in
those moments than many of my days where I have to practice in order to
get close to anything that resembles those moments of oneness.

In the method and the means being nothing yet all, I knew that I was wearing and using a camera, as I wear shoes but they too became not felt. As I became the mountain, the sheep, the air. It is pure and beautiful oneness. All at once and nothingness at the same time. We are with knowledge documented, a lot not accepted. So much grief in that. We more than ever before need to learn how to grieve and let go, enjoy the beauty and let go.

Coming home to the flat land, seeing with loaded eyes. I can only be like you, I am no longer the experience.
Researching endless. Knowing that what was there, no longer is to be found.
Sadness too in the surprise about the label, the piercing, the earmark that sticks out when looking at the sheep, now a sentient being that makes me soft and warm on the inside - not pure wool, pure empathy.
Sensations coming at me stronger then when amongst them, how we label our emotions, media-rise the moments, get lost in thoughts, remembering all the signs of that which will pass and in the transitioning that you and I too will pass like those moments.
I believe, that we need to dare that experience of loss and grief. Again and again in order to fully comprehend. To accept and react - and accept.

*Words I later read as parabels of the Vietnamese buddhist ‘peace’ monk Thich Nhat Hanh and spiritual activists like Joanne Macy. They cared to express their connectedness to nature with acient wisdom that bridge with the world of science

melting in your eyes I


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