Mod er mærker

(titel means courage is marks but written in one the word means mole or directly translated mother marks )

The small mark, the freckle, the pimples, the sting, acne, the mole, the bump, the blue mark - we change all the time. At times with full attention other times hardly noticed. But when something get to become a threat, when the body doesn’t do what it is supposed to, do what is good for you. When reality becomes a selfstudy, an observation on body details, a constant sensing, a hunch. When the mole or beauty spot becomes that small irritation, that evokes a concerned mind and ignites a critical analyse, the relation to the body and self-confidence  is being changed. When the next and then the next detail is erased cut out, replaced, the skin gets another meaning. It is no longer just about seeing changes, accepting and loving the body and skin in change. The threat of skin cancer characterizes the relationship with the beautiful marks, the sensitive skin, the layer that keeps us in shape

A project dealing with cancer and how to use the creative and expression as healing
By Lene Harbo
in cooperation with
jewelry artist Janne Krogh Hansen (Goldfingers) - link
Bookbinder Malene Lerager (Colibri)

For an exhibition at NW Gallery during Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019, Janne K Hansen and Lene Harbo produced a fresh work for the show, a performance video filmed by Jörg Koopmann. 


Enduro / Rudolf Bott

In 2018, the Museum Villa Stuck presented a comprehensive retrospective with works by the goldsmith and silversmith Rudolf Bott. The book accompanying the exhibition is a 672-page monumental work. Far from a usual catalog with colorful illustrations, it is "thought in black and white" like the entire exhibition. With a 340-page photo report by Lene Harbo and Jörg Koopmann, who photographed the objects across Europe at the lenders, collectors and in Bott's studio and home.

The size of the book is the exact size of the precious sketch books with gilded edges that Rudolf Bott makes his notes and sketch his ideas.

Rudolf Bott, Michael Buhrs (Villa Stuck)
Designers: Bernd Kuchenbeiser/ Philipp Arnold (Design)

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link to Bernd Kuchenbeiser
link to Jörg Koopmann