black energy

Between inhaling and exhaling - BLACK ENERGY by Lene Harbo Pedersen is a
photographic essay about Esbjerg, about transitions and changes. Thematically it’s first part of a series about energy. In the serie of images the artist has captured the scenery of a harbour and the surrounding city with the black shadow of the oil industry. A city that transformed over time from a fishing town, with fishermen and family members cycling the shore, delivery of the green net onto the cutters, men with their orange waders disappearing into the floating money makers as once the photographers grandfather did onto his then small cutters. Sounds and actions faded, it changed, a new city of steel grew and shaped Esbjerg over time. Photographs taken while walking the city and harbour - following the city for months.
James Baldwin:
“It is perfectly possible — indeed, it is far from uncommon — to go to bed one night, or wake up one morning, or simply walk through a door one has known all one’s life, and discover, between inhaling and exhaling, that the self one has sewn together with such effort is all dirty rags, is unusable, is gone: and out of what raw material will one build a self again?”

The oil rigs took over the skyline but another interesting part about Esbjerg the current transition. By now half the harbour is used by the windmill industri. Denmark is one of the biggest players in the production of wind turbines. Upcoming second part of the series on energy will focus on the windmills in Esbjerg.

Kousagisha gallery, Kyoto 2019

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